We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

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Earlier this year our much-loved 9 month old Golden Retriever was hit by a car resulting in terrible skin injuries to his front paw. Buddy became well known to all at Pet & Vet with his 3x weekly visits to have his dressings changed over 6 weeks. It was a traumatic time for us all but the care & concern shown by the staff at Pet & Vet was outstanding & everyone was following his progress.  Buddy's recovery has been miraculous and we can't thank you all enough for the wonderful veterinary interventions & care of our Buddy that have ensured he has no ongoing problems & is still happy to run in your door. 

Vicki Parker

North shore


We recently welcomed two gorgeous Burmese kittens into our family – Milo and Coco and our two kids absolutely adore them - they are the apple of our eye.  Pet and Vet have helped us with nutrition for our fur babies, all their check-ups and they have stayed overnight on a few occasions.  They are loved by the team there and we appreciate their kindness and they genuine love your pets! I highly recommend Pet and Vet to care for your fur babies.

K. C

Castor Bay

We have been regular visitors to Pet and Vet for the past 5 years. We have found their care of our dogs to be outstanding. They have worked with us to overcome complicated health conditions with Aston, and he is now in the best condition and health he has been in for many years.  Thank you Pet & Vet for your exceptional care and service.

Nicci Franco

North Shore

Thanks Pet and Vet!

We were really pleased with the care and consideration you took with Jasper – he had a great stay (in cattery) and we wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again.

Briar Williams


My name is Robyn. I have a 15 year old Blue Heeler/Border Collie cross called Snoopy. Snoopy and I have been with Pet and Vet since she was a puppy. From being an amazingly strong, energetic dog in her younger years, unfortunately Snoopy has developed arthritis and has had periods of epilepsy in the last five years. With the kind and diligent support from Team Pet and Vet, Snoopy has moved into her senior dog years in comfort, still being able to exercise daily and is a happy and valued member of my family.

Robyn H

North Shore

My two cats have been treated by Pet and Vet and stayed at their boarding facilities for over two years now.  I have found the service wonderful and all the staff friendly and knowledgeable. My pets have received excellent treatment and lots of care and attention and I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a Vet that cares. They know my cats by name and always look after them beautifully when I go away.

Angela Horan


Hi to the team at Pet & Vet!

Thank you for looking after Snowey so well - she went in for her annual groom recently but because you always do a full assessment before the process you picked up her dehydration and teeth issues. She came home with teeth sorted and looking ready for summer - followed by caring calls from you to check up on her. Thank you for always being so caring and professional.

Alba Letts

Castor Bay

We highly recommended Pet & Vet. All the staff are incredibly caring and knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble, going over and beyond in their care. Absolutely fabulous!

Joy Cato


My name is Toby and I am a nine year old Spoodle. After spending considerable time at the vets over the years with various problems( a broken back tooth, a blocked intestine, and tumors on my neck), you would think I would refuse to get out of the car, when we pull up at the door. But not at Pet & Vet- front feet on the counter, tail wagging furiously, is testimony as to how I feel about the care and attention I have received. I am so grateful and so is my Mum.

Thank you so much,

Jocelyn Allan

North Shore

Charlie is my dog but he is more than just a dog he is my baby. He is a tiny 3 year old Yorkshire terrier and the last 3 years he has been going to Pet and Vet. He has had a few operations in his life time and as a mother it was really hard for me seeing my baby suffering and in pain. We also lost my husband in this time so it was really hard for me and Charlie but the support and care we both got from all the Vets and staff at Pet and Vet has been amazing. They treat us like family and they were really understanding of our situation. They really looked after Charlie when he went for his operations and their knowledge and follow up after the operation was fantastic. I would highly recommend them as your pets Vet.

Sonje Tokley

Northcote Point

Louie our Whippet and I have been coming to Pet & Vet for the past 8 months. Until then we hadn’t needed the services of a Vet, except for routine check and shots.  Alas Louie came down with Pancreatitis and it was serious.  We found Pet & Vet by dialling the wrong number which turned out to be the best mistake I have ever made.  Nicole and her team provided first class care for Louie, we couldn’t have been more happy with the service and advice.  Louie has recovered very well and we are now firmly customers of Pet & Vet .  I wouldn’t go anywhere else and highly recommend them to anyone looking for Vet care for their furry family members.  We even now buy Louie’s food at Pet & Vet as it’s a beautiful showroom, with plenty of nutritious pet food and advice.

Amanda Robinson


I am always recommending Pet & Vet to everyone I meet.  I have been a customer since they first opened.  My dog Jago and my grandson cat Meow Meow (no I did not name him!) love their visits no matter what they have to attend for.  Reception staff, vet nurses, vets, cattery staff are always so kind, welcoming (even when Meow is in a grumpy mood and quick to take a wee bite), attentive to whatever you and your furry friends might be needing, helpful and very knowledgeable.  I always know my animals are in the best care.

Fran Short

North Shore

To all the staff at Pet & Vet, I would like to say a big thank you to you all for your professional and compassionate care of Topsy on Friday night. With half an hour to the finish of your week, you were able to fit us in to be seen by someone that Topsy knows and trusts. Like children pets seem to get worse at night and the thought of our beloved dog going blind put us under quite a bit of pressure as we had just moved house and Topsy was still unsettled by that, so to have her seen by our own vet was wonderful. Thanks to your prompt attention and care- things are looking hopeful. We have been coming to you since she was a puppy for vet care and grooming and always feel welcome and part of the family.

Thank you once again.

Topsy, Pam & Terry

Pam & Terry


We are the “over the top, precious” customers that frequent Pet n Vet cattery with our family cat  “Saffie”who is 10 years old. The list of instructions that come with Saffie due to his chronic renal and bowel conditions makes him a high maintenance visitor to the cattery. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Casey and her lovely team of assistants at Pet n Vet cattery as they have never failed to look after Saffie with care. The emails with photos have been a welcome update whilst we have been away. It is always reassuring to know that a Vet is on call should any problem arise. His care has been individualized to suit his many requirements without a problem.
Saffie comes home to us well- groomed (a long haired Birman) and happy. We have most recently had Saffie in the cattery November 2016/ January 2017 and Feb/March 2017. The standards are high and it is reassuring that they check vaccinations/flea and worm dates prior to admission.

Being precious about our furry child, if you can keep us happy, you can keep anyone happy! Other feline owners should feel confident when choosing Pet n Vet Cattery.
Thanks for all your great care, Saffie says hi!

The Watt Family

Rothesay Bay

I have been bringing my 2 dogs Cecil and Petey here for a couple of years following a very bad experience at another vet clinic which resulted in Cecil almost dying.  At Pet and Vet Milford I feel we are taken seriously and never rushed through our consultations.  The immediate problem is addressed and then always viewed as part of the bigger picture.  This way nothing gets overlooked or missed.  Since attending Pet and Vet, Cecil has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and since he now receives the necessary treatment, his quality of life has improved.

The staff always remember us (and did so right from the start) and we feel we are in safe hands.

Jenny Brown


Got recommended this place by a friend of mine. They really go the extra mile by sending videos via Facebook so you can see your pet when you're away..and I even got an email from our kitty when we were away (so cute!) They genuinely love animals and our son came home looking super happy and well groomed. Thanks guys!

Crystal and David Steele

North shore

Our families much loved cat Paws is a frequent visitor to the cattery, We have always found the

staff Are extremely friendly and caring towards her, We have great peace of mind 
that when ever she stays there she will be well looked after.
Recently due to ill health Paws needed surgery, and with stitches in we were unable to keep 
Her calm and safe at home. So we booked her in for a extra 10 days, Paws remained calm and safe,
It truly was the best place for her. So much so that when I returned to collect her Paws jumped 
back up onto her cattery bed not wanting to leave, proving Paws herself endorses Pet and Vet.

Bronwyn Johnson

North shore

Possum is a proud short haired tabby who turns 15 years old in Nov 17. Sometime back I noticed he seemed to be getting old really fast. It was time for a check-up at our local vet. The diagnosis was he had an overactive thyroid problem.

The day of the I131 treatment I took him down to the clinic where I was met by the “team.” The procedure was explained to me and I was advised he would need to stay for a period of days so they could monitor the levels.
The afternoon of the procedure I received a call to say Possy has had the procedure and doing well. They would send texts with updates as the time went on. The day of his discharge came along and his levels were still too high to bring home as he had had double the dose. It was recommended he stay for some more days. 
Those days passed and another check showed his levels were dropping. After the weekend I got a call to say the levels had come down and I would be able to pick him up later in the week. 
The day of his discharge arrived and I went down to the clinic. It was silly but while I was there I was nearly in tears at the relief my baby was coming home. Trinette who had looked after Possy for me did not treat me as a neurotic pet owner but with the understanding that I was glad to be taking Possy home. 
For anyone who is faced with taking their fur babies for treatment for any reason, you should consider Pet & Vet as the first point of call. The team of vets and nurses and even reception staff understand and know what it is like to be a pet owner. They explain things in a way you can understand without having to hear the technical words. When you pass the care of your fur babies over to them, your fur babies become their fur babies. They understand and just KNOW. You will not regret the decision to use their services.
As for Possy- he is doing well. On Thursday he is going to have the follow up bloods to measure the outcome of the treatment. I already know they have worked as he is back to normal self of owning this house and me. Forever thankful to the team. Glenda 

Glenda Peri

North Shore

Phoebe wants to say thank you Pet and Vet for her Synovan injection - she may be scrawny but she's full of the joys of life again!

Vicki Allpress

North Shore

Dear Nicole and Team at Milford Pet and Vet….now…I already knew I had the best vet ever…….but …getting home last night in the dark and rain and getting our darling old LC, post op, out of the car, we carried her in, in her bed that had been left with you….and then getting her settled in the lounge with us we find in her bed two little hot water bottles that your team had loving provided for her.

Thank you so much for your kindness and care. I love my three fur babies with all my heart and it means so much to me that you take such good care with them and in particular on this occasion with my dear old lady. I can’t thank you enough. 


To all the lovely staff at Pet & Vet who have cared for M over the years. Thank You! The level of service and kindness you have shown has been outstanding.


A note to thank all for your thoughtfulness and to let you know it really meant a lot to mum & me! To everyone who looked after me, my vets Sharyn & Karen, the nurses who got the meds in, the ladies who cleaned my room, the cuddles & chats I had. Many many thanks for all your care.

M & his mum

To all staff at Pet & Vet, Thank you very much for taking care of my fur babies. I appreciate your time, patience & love that you have given them. What lovely people you are and an excellent vet! Thanks again!

S, S & F (cattery & vet regulars).

To the staff at Pet & Vet, special thanks to Nicole, Sharyn & Kimberley. Extra special thanks to Karen, Helen & the nurse at L’s side in this final moments. Words can’t say enough….. I am overwhelmed by your genuine kindness, thoughtfulness, care & attention you have given to L & I throughout this past year. Your thoughtfulness & kindness knows no limits. Just as my appreciation has no bounds. I am speechless with appreciation. Thank you for everything.


To everyone at Pet & Vet. Thank you so much for looking after (all our pets). You guys are absolutely awesome. Thank you so much.