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Puppy preschool classes

The bark is out among the young canines of the North Shore and Auckland that Pet and Vet Puppy training classes are the place to be!

The whisper is also that these classes are the perfect place to get their human carers well trained in the best in canine care. And even more exciting – it is an ideal place to pick up a classy playmate – woof!

Pet & Vet has weekly puppy training classes, which are run by Julia Thomas.
The sooner you start training (that’s you as well as your puppy!) the better:  Get your toilet training on track from day one; know what to expect and how to teach your newest family member how to be a polite and enjoyable canine citizen; make sure you don’t create bad habits that are hard to correct later.

Pups benefit most from these classes between 8-16 weeks of age.  In fact the earlier they participate in puppy socialization the better! The classes have a strong emphasis on owner education and canine behavior, as well as basic obedience and handling. Attendees also receive a comprehensive handbook.

Modules cover:

  • Introduction to canine behaviour: leadership, developmental periods, good manners
  • Toilet and crate training
  • Teething/chewing, mouthing/biting
  • Jumping up, digging, barking
  • Diet & exercise
  • Handling and grooming
  • Health matters – household poisons, choking, bloating etc.
  • Training methods and tips
  • Basic obedience – sit, down, come, give, stay, heel/loose lead walking

So if you’re looking for puppy or dog training classes in Auckland or the North Shore, please call us on 489 6263 to reserve a place in what may well be the most important thing you do to enjoy a happy life with your new pup.

Introducing Julia Thomas, our consultant in canine behavior and training

We are delighted to be  working with Julia Thomas, who is running our Puppy Preschool classes and assisting with canine problem behavior. Julia does one-on-one coaching, home visits (including pre-puppy consultations), small classes, puppy kindergarten, and behavioral modification counselling. She will even do the occasional puppy sitting!

She has a Bachelors degree in Applied Science (Animal Management and Welfare) and graduated with a senior scholar award.

Julia previously worked for the Auckland SPCA as the Operations Manager, and also qualified as an animal welfare investigator. Her career with non-human animals started in 2003 when she took a year out of her human resources consulting practice to study full time, completing a Certificate in Animal Management – Canine Behavior and Training, graduating with the Top Student Award. Like many behaviorists, her interest in canine behavior started with a challenging dog; “Trying to understand why my dog behaved the way he did, and what I should do about it, started me down a path of trial and error learning that I would rather not repeat but will be eternally grateful for!”. Subsequent involvement with professional trainers through her work, education and personal experience, has exposed her to a variety of methods and evidence based approaches for companion animal management, behavior and training.

Julia has practical experience in a number of canine disciplines including obedience, agility, tracking, scent and search work. She conducts in home behavior management consultations in conjunction with referrals from our vets, assists with behavioral modification, and training, as well as running puppy kindergarten classes. Julia lives in Castor Bay with her partner and canine family.

One of Julia's favorite quotes is “Properly trained, a human can be a dogs best friend”

Please call us on (09) 489 6263 if you would like Julia’s help.

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