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Cat and Dog Grooming

Our grooming facilities offer a service which provides professional grooming for Auckland dogs and cats of all shapes & sizes.

Unfortunately our dog grooming services are currently unavailable, check back for further updates!

As well as the excellent job done by our groomers, a major advantage of you bringing your pet to us for grooming is we have Veterinary backup for any skin problems they might discover while they are taking care of your pets. If they find skin lesions one of the Vets will call you to discuss treatment.

Pet and Vet Grooming Prices 2022 are as follows:

Small Dog Grooms

Small Wash & Dry                                                 $40.00
Small Wash & Tidy $60.00
Small Full Groom  $90.00

Medium Dog Grooms

Medium Wash & Dry                                                  $50.00
Medium Wash & Tidy                  $70.00
Medium Full Groom$100.00

Large Dog Grooms

Large Wash & Dry                                                      $60.00
Large Wash & Tidy $80.00
Large Full Groom  $115.00

Additional Groom Services

Nail Trim  (Included in Wash & Tidy and Full Grooms only)$25.00
Malaseb Shampoo (Medication not supplied)$15.00
Matted Surcharge for additional time (on top of groom prices above)up to $50.00

 Grooming Dates and Hours:

Thursday (drop off appointment times)8:30am          or1:00pm
Friday (drop off appointment times)8:30am         or1:00pm
Saturday (drop off appointment times)8:30am only 

Please give us a call to book an appointment on (09) 4896063

A Special Thought for the Cats - Auckland Cat Grooming Experts

Sedation allows the nurse to do a thorough groom which involves brushing out knots & usually shaving or clipping at least the under belly area . Some cats may benefit from a full shave/ clip once or twice a year especially if their coats are very long or prone to matting. The grooming process takes from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on how matted the cat is.
Another advantage of sedation is that the nurse can check the cats ears, teeth, anal glands & nails or any other concerns the owner may have, for example a lump or weepy eyes.

Cat grooming is booked in advance on a weekday dropping off between 8:00am and 8:45am collecting from 3pm onwards

On arrival you will discuss with the nurse exactly what you would like and we can then give you an accurate quote. Cat grooms vary in price depending on how matted & / or long the coat is.

An extract from our cat groom authorisation form is below for more information:

Cat Groom under sedation

Your cat will be groomed under sedation to remove any knots and matted hair. Large knots, matted coats or excessively long hair with skin issues, will require clipping using electric grooming clippers. This will result in a short coat length of all areas clipped which is typically the under belly, front legs and trouser area as a minimum and often the entire cat (usually excluding tail & head areas). Though the vet nurse involved will be as accurate as possible on what will be done on drop off, they can only fully assess the cat once sedated. This may result in more clipping being required to fully remove all the knots & mats. In order to reduce the amount of time the cat is under sedation and to provide the best possible result for the cat, the most appropriate groom from a welfare stance will be performed. This may result in more coat being shaved than originally suggested at drop off. 

If your cat has fleas it will be treated appropriately to protect our staff, our premises and your cat at your expense.

As with all veterinary procedures, sedation carries a risk especially if the cat has any underlying health, heart, liver or kidney issues. Your cat will be checked by the vet prior to sedation and will be constantly monitored by a qualified vet nurse during sedation to minimise this risk. If your cat is 8 years or older we recommend a geriatric blood panel to rule out some of the more common problems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Frequent sedations can have a negative cumulative effect on your pets internal organs. If your cat has been recently or regularly sedated please tell the vet nurse and supervising vet on arrival. A blood panel test as detailed above is HIGHLY recommended.

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