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Canine Healing Hands

We have regular appointments with qualified therapist to help improve or maintain your pets health in a calm and soothing environment.

A life full of working with animals, big or small, Rochelle studied and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse and worked in a Small and Large animal and Equine Clinic in Drury.  From there she went on to work breeding Thoroughbreds in Clevedon, and for the past 15 years was a Handler/Trainer for MPI and the Detector Dog Programme, working dogs defending the borders from unwanted Quarantine pests.   

Having her own German Shepherd “Delta” diagnosed with severe Spondolosis, Rochelle looked at other modalities to help her be more comfortable and learned about the field of Canine Massage.  Guided to the Chicago School of Canine Massage she applied and completed her Advanced Mentorship in Certified Canine Massage Therapy, followed by several hours of observations and case studies back in New Zealand too.  Returning to Chicago to sit the National Board of Animal Acupressure and Massage exam only a year later to be currently the only NBCAAM Certified Canine Massage practitioner in New Zealand.  

Canine Healing Hands is a career passion to be able to help many dogs of all backgrounds be the best they can be, being able to do something that truly moves you and changes the lives of the dogs and owners is truly magic.  From shelter dogs with amputations, to dogs with anxiety behavioural issues, to Championship competition dogs be it Breed, Obedience or Agility, the aged arthritic dogs, recovery from surgery and wonderful relaxation massage just because, Rochelle has been blessed to witness the transformations in so many clients since beginning her business.  

Therapeutic Canine Massage can:

Improve circulation 
Aid recovery after surgery
Increase Passive Range of Motion
Reduce anxiety
Rebuild ability for touch
Provide relief for muscle tightness from structural problems, like arthritis, cruciate surgeries etc
Recovery for canine athletes
Palliative care 

Call Rochelle Townsend on 027 252 5060 for more information and appointments.

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