SEP 28 2020

Importance of a healthy diet!

Healthy Diets to enhance their life stages!

How do you choose the right pet food for your pet?

Your pet’s dietary needs change over the course of his life, from birth to adolescence to adulthood and then to old age. A life stage diet is one that is tailored to meet the different nutritional needs of your pet at each life stage.

Dogs’ and cats’ nutritional requirements are quite different from one another. It is always wise to discuss the best diet for your pet with your veterinarian at each stage of your pet’s life.


Younger pets

Because of their rapid growth rate, puppies and kittens have calorie requirements that exceed those of adult or mature pets. For this reason, it is important to feed growing puppies and kittens diets labelled for growth. Generally, cats’ maturity is reached at 10 months, small and medium dogs at 12 months, and large-breed dogs are usually fully-grown by 18 months.

Puppies need nearly four times the energy than that of an adult dog and require an energy-rich diet which includes protein, fat, calcium and phosphorous. All of which are important for this growth phase.

Kittens food should be high in easily digestible animal protein and other important nutrients, such as fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and taurine, an amino acid found in chicken and fish sources.





Adult pets

 As your puppy or kitten matures, they become an adult cat or a dog, which means their nutritional needs will change. Transitioning from a kitten or puppy food to an adult food should be done when they are the appropriate age, and this depends on factors such as their breed, their growth rate, their age, and any pre-existing health considerations.

Feeding a size-specific formula is as important for an adult dog as it is for a puppy, with the added vitamins and minerals that help support the size of a pet as well as keep their weight balanced

A good diet throughout their youth and adulthood will help ensure your pet goes into their senior years fit and healthy.