NOV 25 2020

Festive travel tips for pets!!

Festive season fun and travels with you pets!

Make sure identity tags are up-to-date and secured to your pet’s collar and consider a microchip.

Of course no one plans to deal with a runaway pet, but it’s smart to be prepared for whatever your summer adventures may bring. In the event of a separation, it will be much easier to find a pet clearly equipped with a microchip that contains your contact information. And make sure the contact information is up-to-date and the best way to reach you while you are on your adventures. Collars with name tags and your contact details are just as important!

Plan ahead

It’s easy to forget things when packing for a vacation, but take a moment to remember everything your pet might need for the trip. Any special bedding, a favorite toy or two, plenty of food, a water dish for the car, medications, and a first aid kit are all good to have around. If you’re planning to stop over at a hotel or friend’s house, check ahead of time to make sure your pet will be welcome there, too.

Buckle Up

Did you know, if your pet is not restrained in the car when you travel you're not eligible for insurance? And if you are stuck in your car after an accident, emergency services will not be able to enter to rescue you? There are a number of different harnesses that come with attachments to buckle up on your road trip, do some research and see what works best for your breed.