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Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy

A place to heal- We have regular appointments with qualified therapists to help improve or maintain your pets health in a calm and soothing environment.

In human medicine it is standard practice to undergo extensive pre- surgery preparatory physio & post- surgery rehabilitation & the positive effects this has on recovery translates to animal medicine as well. For a number of reasons your dog may benefit from physio or a professional therapeutic massage, and we can help!

Introducing our specialists:
Helen Robartes (Physiotherapist)

Helen qualified as a human physiotherapist at Stellenbosch University, in South Africa, in 2007, and she moved to England to study an MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy at The Royal Veterinary College of London. 
Helen worked in South Africa, England and Denmark (before moving to New Zealand to join Vetphysio Ltd in 2014), specializing in horses, dogs and cats, as well as human athletes. Helen loves helping her patients, to optimize their function and performance, and to achieve a better quality of life. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her work, and very excited to be helping to expand Vetphysio Ltd to the North Shore.

Whether your dog is a beloved pet, a competitive athlete or a working dog, physiotherapy can help with a variety of conditions. This can enhance their quality of life and performance. Physiotherapists work closely with vets and veterinary professionals to provide a multi-modal, holistic approach to health and well-being.

We work closely with vets to achieve optimal outcomes for patients, and owner satisfaction. We aim to give owners the best possible tools to manage their beloved animals at home, so that both pet and owner can enjoy the later years together.

Call Helen Robartes on 022 639 0254 for more information and appointments

Helen Morphew (Canine Massage Therapist)

Following a successful 15-year career in Human Resources Helen decided to follow her dream of working with dogs and enrolled on the Advanced Canine Massage Mentorship Programme at the Chicago School of Canine Massage. Having completed intensive hands on training in Chicago & followed that up with extensive home work including case studies & observation hours back in New Zealand, Helen is now a certified canine massage therapist and nationally certified member of the National Board of Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM) – the only practitioner in New Zealand to hold this.
In addition, Helen obtained a qualification in canine behaviour & care from UCOL in Palmerston North, is PetTech First Aid & CPR certified, and has a certificate in Supporting Senior Animals.  
Auckland Canine Massage is Helen’s dream & her passion. She has massaged dogs with two legs, three legs & all four! With humans, it’s widely accepted that therapeutic massage loosens up our muscle tissues so that tension can be released & the movement & health of our joints can improve. We all know how painful an injured or tight muscle can be, the same is true for dogs.
Currently, the only NBCAAM Practitioner in New Zealand, Helen works closely with a number of Veterinarians.

Just like massage for humans, therapeutic canine massage can:
• Assist with recovery from injury
• Provide maintenance for ongoing conditions such as arthritis
• Improve range of motion and flexibility
• Reduce pain and anxiety

Massage is a complimentary therapy supporting conventional medical approaches to enhance treatment outcomes. It restores, maintains and enhances overall well-being and supports all of the body’s systems. It is also an excellent option for an ongoing maintenance regime, particularly for older or very active dogs.

Sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour. Helen adapts to each dog, going at their pace and letting them get comfortable with what she is doing.

Call Helen Morphew on 021 0262 0391 for more information and appointments.

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